Tuesday content – April 18th

Productivity is on the rise! Two deliveries of curated content in less than 7 days!

Here goes best of the web:

How words can change the perception! Not sure how the Church would have done with our real-time news. Link here

Sexims and gender equity is not there yet 😦 First here about treatment inequality as illustrated by a short experience. And second here: Ships and diversity, why it matters!

Not directly related, but a good article on the « Bro’ttitude » in Silicon Valley start-up. Link here

When real-life is messing with digital project! IoT facing « real » challenges here.

COBOL is not dead! It was supposed to die 15 ago when I did my first code…It just doesn’t want to! Link here

And finally, maybe the strangest thing / innovation I have seen in table tennis. Video here.



Wednesday content – April 13th

Welcome back!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. In the meantime, I changed both job and company! But still curious and eager to share content I liked/enjoyed on the web!

Happy reading.

  • A deep dive in a fascinating mobile native world at scale! Long video, but worth watching! Understanding how mobile is an opportunity for frictionless restaurant experience or how new breed of entrepreneurs are leveraging digital to build fortune is mind blowing. Link here
  • Machine as colleagues: interesting take and call to action for all HCM leaders around the automation opportunity. Link here
  • Happily ever after! how to leverage marketing automation and conversational UI to get a better « engagement » process! Or how to plan and track the organization of your wedding via API and SMS! Link here
  • Provocative title, but a great read on how philosophy and greek thinkers started/influenced the revolution of computer a couple of centuries later! Link here
  • Finally, a tentative to imagine ripple effects of autonomous car. Trying to figure what could happen is captivating as a lot can / will be impacted! Link here

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Oldies but goodies:

Tuesday content – July 27th

Monday content – June 27th

Tuesday content – July 27th

I can’t believe it is already mid-summer in Europe! So here we we go: more curated content for you 🙂

A good part on gender and gender bias as it is a quite significant issue! And how SAP technologies are trying to help (full disclosure: SAP is my employer). So start here for « white privilege » and then go here to see impact of layoff on diversity. Finally for the techno-addicted, here is how SAP will help

Still on bias and especially important in our always connected age: the other side is not dumb!

War on Talent? Talent Crisis? Seems cliché…but here is good take on it.

Gamification to boost mobile money transfer? yes it works! Read it here

Machine learning? it is an amazing world! From Go games to data center cooling systems! and it pays back pretty quick. Read it here on how Google did it.

And to wrap it: a bullsh** bingo for all PR and startups around: here.

Thanks for reading!

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Some more curated content just for you!

From AI bias to the economy of stickers on mobile chat apps! It is quite a ride around the world! And yes, nothing about Brexit!

  • Artificial Intelligence may be carrying strong bias from inception! Read here
  • Soda? Excess of sugar? Well, it is not a matter of freedom but public health! New policy here and great video here
  • Sometimes it seems to me that HR is living in a bubble: check some of the topics for the next SHRM congress…they have been around for long now…Read here
  • Did you think trading cards were past? They are back in chat apps! Read here about the economics and trends
  • How Maasai organization can help us reflect on future of roles in organization! Read here

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Some previous content available here and here.

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Tuesday Content – June 14th

Well, keeping the weekly cadence is not easy!

This time, curated from my readings, a selection from Super Heros, Chatbots and Sharing practices with your competitors and very importantly bias in the workplace.

  • This debate had to end for sure: Superman is THE best super hero according to a 7 year study! link here
  • Leading companies tend to create their own tools and often they shared them. Here is AirBNB and here is Amazon Washington Post approach
  • Automation and Machine learning are the next big things and HR is not safe from that disruption! link here
  • « State of the Art »on ERP project, cloud ERP is slowing down and cloudwashing is fogging things. But otherewise, projects are still not transformational enough! link here
  • Really good article on gender bias and « male priviledge ». Diversity is a strenght in life and companies. We should work harder for it. link here

And a special mention to this article on « Assuming the best intentions » and the power of it! link here


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FRIDAY Content – May 13th


FRIDAY Content – May 13th

Out of daily habits, I read a lot, really a lot! My typical routine includes scanning twitter, linkedIn and newspapers. I stay curious, so I don’t focus on HR or Organization Management.

This week content includes Digital Fitness, Growth and Future Proof Companies and Frictionless Enterprise!




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More reading:


Understanding the ongoing (r)evolution in HR: it is TRANSFORMATION

Before I go deeper in (r)evolution and transformation, a small rant around the catch word “digital transformation”! There is only transformation enabled/support/made possible technology! In my daily interactions with customers, I usually challenge the definition and expectations. Why? Because of the following facts:

  • Mobile: WAP- based protocol have been available since late 90’s


  • Analytics: I personally configured my first BO universe in 2005 for monitoring headcount and attrition for a customer in India
  • In-memory: this has been conceptualized back in the 70’s.

Moreover, in French, “digital” is a false-friend, it means “do it with your hands”, very annoying!

So digital transformation should not be about:


Those attributes are just “enablers” of the transformation. Transformation is the transition from one business model to another. Check this video to get a good understanding:

So why is it a big deal?

Well it is the opportunity to review your existing process, to think about organization, to assess in-house versus outsourcing, etc. In short: it is time to reflect on the role of HR for today’s and tomorrow’s conditions.

Based on my reading and customer interactions, I have found two nice ways to prepare for transformation:

  • Starting with future state in mind, for more radical transformation: the 3A
  • Starting with the as-is, for a TCO/efficiency orientated transformation: the 3S

Let’s take a closer look to 3A and 3S approach:

  • 3A stands for Agility, Adaptability and Acceleration. They are the main expected characteristics after transformation.
  • 3S stands for Simplify, Standardize and Share. They are the operational approach to scalability and replicability.

From experience, both are valid approach, they will allow you to map your transformation journey. More importantly, it will reflect your priorities (ie pain points!), your capability to change and your capacity to deliver the transformation. Always keep in mind, that these are just framework for shaping your thinking, but each transformation is unique.

The 3A is more demanding from an “out-of-the-box” thinking perspective, because it obliges from a “right to left” reading of the company future: what are the outcomes you expect (ie face of HR of the future) and then figuring out the steps to get there.

The 3S is more demanding on mapping the “as-is” as it is your starting point for simplify. Additionally, you cannot define the Share before having defined the Standardize that itself can only be defined after the Simplify assessment. It is a « left to right » approach.

But those approach should not start without a GPS that will keep you on track when assessing future state. Typically, I would recommend at least the following two assessment grids:

  • Value drivers: what do you want HR process to deliver? They can include simplicity, reliability, transparency, etc.
  • Paradigm summary: what assumptions do you need to break? They can include “we don’t need to change a working process”, “local needs are so unique that we cannot standardize”, etc.

Using the compass and filters above and one of the framework will let you go beyond the hype of “best practices”: high performance is about differentiation! It is not about replicating the past. But this will be the object of another post! What is important – in my opinion – is that you will highlight existing pain points, culture, HR priorities and it will greatly help in the right technology selection (see here for some ideas)

When I look from outside to some recent SAP Successfactors customers and if I try to apply 3A/3S, here are some food for thoughts:

For 3S:

aluAlcatel-Lucent goes cloud, cuts HR costs 30% in 2 years!

bat BAT Selects SAP to Simplify HR Operating Model

For 3A:

tel Lessons learned from Telefonica’s SuccessFactors rollout

cona From Jurassic to Fantastic!

Of course, this is all based on my personal preferences and empiric data! I will be more than happy to be challenged J


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