Tuesday content – April 18th

Productivity is on the rise! Two deliveries of curated content in less than 7 days!

Here goes best of the web:

How words can change the perception! Not sure how the Church would have done with our real-time news. Link here

Sexims and gender equity is not there yet 😦 First here about treatment inequality as illustrated by a short experience. And second here: Ships and diversity, why it matters!

Not directly related, but a good article on the « Bro’ttitude » in Silicon Valley start-up. Link here

When real-life is messing with digital project! IoT facing « real » challenges here.

COBOL is not dead! It was supposed to die 15 ago when I did my first code…It just doesn’t want to! Link here

And finally, maybe the strangest thing / innovation I have seen in table tennis. Video here.



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