Tuesday content – April 18th

Productivity is on the rise! Two deliveries of curated content in less than 7 days!

Here goes best of the web:

How words can change the perception! Not sure how the Church would have done with our real-time news. Link here

Sexims and gender equity is not there yet 😦 First here about treatment inequality as illustrated by a short experience. And second here: Ships and diversity, why it matters!

Not directly related, but a good article on the « Bro’ttitude » in Silicon Valley start-up. Link here

When real-life is messing with digital project! IoT facing « real » challenges here.

COBOL is not dead! It was supposed to die 15 ago when I did my first code…It just doesn’t want to! Link here

And finally, maybe the strangest thing / innovation I have seen in table tennis. Video here.



Wednesday content – April 13th

Welcome back!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. In the meantime, I changed both job and company! But still curious and eager to share content I liked/enjoyed on the web!

Happy reading.

  • A deep dive in a fascinating mobile native world at scale! Long video, but worth watching! Understanding how mobile is an opportunity for frictionless restaurant experience or how new breed of entrepreneurs are leveraging digital to build fortune is mind blowing. Link here
  • Machine as colleagues: interesting take and call to action for all HCM leaders around the automation opportunity. Link here
  • Happily ever after! how to leverage marketing automation and conversational UI to get a better « engagement » process! Or how to plan and track the organization of your wedding via API and SMS! Link here
  • Provocative title, but a great read on how philosophy and greek thinkers started/influenced the revolution of computer a couple of centuries later! Link here
  • Finally, a tentative to imagine ripple effects of autonomous car. Trying to figure what could happen is captivating as a lot can / will be impacted! Link here

So, what do you think?

Oldies but goodies:

Tuesday content – July 27th

Monday content – June 27th