Tuesday Content – June 14th

Well, keeping the weekly cadence is not easy!

This time, curated from my readings, a selection from Super Heros, Chatbots and Sharing practices with your competitors and very importantly bias in the workplace.

  • This debate had to end for sure: Superman is THE best super hero according to a 7 year study! link here
  • Leading companies tend to create their own tools and often they shared them. Here is AirBNB and here is Amazon Washington Post approach
  • Automation and Machine learning are the next big things and HR is not safe from that disruption! link here
  • « State of the Art »on ERP project, cloud ERP is slowing down and cloudwashing is fogging things. But otherewise, projects are still not transformational enough! link here
  • Really good article on gender bias and « male priviledge ». Diversity is a strenght in life and companies. We should work harder for it. link here

And a special mention to this article on « Assuming the best intentions » and the power of it! link here


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